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Two new books...


Art Crime Bulletin Covers 2011-2013, first printing 2022. Mail collaboration with Jeff Crouch, 22 pages, black metal coil binding, printed on one side, pigment print, poly film cover. Heavyweight gloss paper 15 x 21 cm. $65. Print on demand. View more:   and


Water Colors 2022. 36 pages, black metal coil binding, printed on one side, pigment print, poly film cover. Heavyweight matte paper 15 x 21 cm. $80. Print on demand. View more:


Dream Collector 2021...coming this week August 17, book of personal dreams and photographs, black metal coil binding, 20 pages, printed on one side, pigment print. 5.25 × 8.5 inches, 13.33 x 21.59 cm. $75. Print on demand.

Dream Collector is two books, the yellow book I with found and personal photographs of South Carolina. The blue book II, collage with personal photographs of South Carolina and found and NASA photographs. 

Oracle Books 2021. Two books of asemic drawings, 8 pages each, stab binding, drawing on one side, gouache, watercolor, personal rubber stamps, collage and ink. 7 × 5.25 inches, 17.78 x 13.33 cm.  $300 each. Unique books. and at


Trouble in Club Paradise 2019Twelve polaroids in vinyl book, pigment print titles. Death, drugs, drunkeness, disaster: notorious vacations reimagined in polaroid, photographed on Lake Wequaquet, Cape Cod. 5.5 x 4.75 inches, 13.97 x. 12.07 cm. $1000. Unique book.

VideoBook 2018 with Rafael Gonzalez.

BoomBoom Room 2015Folded mail collaboration  / book, with Jeff Crouch, found images, printed on one side, pigment print and ink. The sonic environment, image and onomatopoeia. 7 × 5 inches, 17.78 x 12.7 cm. closed / extends to 65 inches, 165.1 cm. $500. Unique book.

The Image Vanishes 2015. Folded book / text, web sourced images, printed on one side, pigment print. Two films produced 75 years apart, The Lady Vanishes 1938 and The Interview 2014. Similar stills juxtaposed with lines from the I Ching, examines the culture industry as a tool of political control by offering the ‘freedom to choose what is always the same.’ 6 x 4 inches, 15.24 x 10.16 cm. closed / extends to 52 inches, 132.08 cm. $400. Unique book.


Apprehension: Political Prisoners at Large 2015: Assata Shakur, Nelson Mandela, Mordecai Vanunu, Aung San Suu Kyi, their wordsFolded drawing / book, text by Mark Young, Otoliths editor, printed on one side, pigment print. 7 x 4.5 inches, 17.7 x 11.4 cm. closed / extends to 36 inches, 91.4 cm. $300. Unique book. 


Page Two 2015. Folded photography / book, printed on one side, pigment print. A spy story for Russia. Exhibited Siberia 11/2014 in ‘SPY, Graham Greene: The Man Within,’ curated by Alexander Limarev and Anna Tsepkova Prof. at Novosibirsk University. 7 x 5 inches, 17.78 x 12.7 cm. closed / extends to 40 inches, 101.6 cm. $300. Unique book.

Dragon Seed 2014. Folded photography / drawing book, mail collaboration with Jeff Crouch, two sides, pigment print, collage, watercolor, board, personal rubber stamps, chain hinges. Graphic fiction mystery. 6 x 4 inches, 15.24 x 10.16 cm. closed / extends to 16 inches, 40.64 cm. $300. Unique book.

Do Your Homework 2014. Folded photography book, found book, web sourced images, printed on one side, pigment print. "I was thinking about bees, or, the extinction of bees when I found a soaked study book on the hill..." 7 × 5 inches, 17.78 x 12.7 cm. closed / extends to 70 inches, 177.8 cm. $800. Unique book. Exhibited, Science, Technology and The Future of Art, curator Gail Wight, Palo Alto, Ca. and

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices 2014Folded book, web sourced images, digital collage, drawing, printed on one side, pigment print. Ancient sites of electrical and magnetic energies. 7 × 5 inches, 17.78 x 12.7 cm. closed / extends to 70 inches, 177.8 cm. $800. Unique book. Was at Yareah Magazine.

Not For Long 2012, story reprint 2021, originally published BigPulp

Bandit Queen 2016, book,

The Image Vanishes 2015, book,

Mapache: He Who Watches, and Why the Lone Ranger Stole Tonto's Mask 2015, essay,

Target Practice 2015, book,

Apprehension 2015, book,

Page Two 2014, book,, SPY Siberia, "Graham Greene: The Man Within", Alexander Limarev curator, Novosibirsk University.

Deadmans 2014, photo-graphic,

Evidence of Things Not Seen 2012, short fiction,

Wild Fire 2010, short fiction,

What They Never Tell You 2010, speculative fiction,

Savage Rip 2008, short fiction,

Evie's Red Hair 2008, short fiction, 

Black Pearls 2008, short fiction,

Diablo Winds 2006, graphic fiction,

Wild Goose Valley 2006, graphic fiction,

Wicked, Wicked Moon 2006, graphic fiction,

BeachRocks 2005, graphic fiction, 

ManHunt 2005, graphic fiction,

White Widow 2005, graphic fiction,

Femme Fatale 2005, graphic fiction,

Dive!Afrique 2004, graphic fiction, 

La Dama Says Yes 2004, graphic fiction,