...recent...Four films @Habitat-Nonstop 8/28, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Moon on Fire Meditation testing photograph, courtesy Karin Balog, event organizer.

...recent...Nuclear Forest @Living With Buildings III, 8/03, Coventry, UK

Wolf Queen at Arteidolia

Magic Dream at Arteidolia

...excerpt...Planet of Dreams 2022. In dreams the subconscious runs wild. It is communicating with the conscious, always working on problems, creativity, survival. And in this moment of increasing planetary crisis and cosmic consciousness, more than ever, radical methods of earth and solar system commons guardianship are needed. Planet of Dreams proposes alternative paths for the future of humanity, and asks, ‘in what ways can the dream state guide us?’ Multi-media project, nine films.

...excerpt...Love Fugitif response to the frightening and dystopic year of the covid virus 2020, Love Fugitif's nine short films examine the only constant in our life, love. Despite war, plague, disaster, success, politics, environment, or time, the fleeting, ephemeral state of love remains something we regard more important than anything else. With Jeff Crouch, Diana Magallon, Jeff Harrison, Rafael Gonzalez.

...excerpt...Watchfiends: 100 seconds to midnight 2020. Six films consider the challenges humanity faces. With Jeff Crouch. Radius Shutdown is a plague poem, Dragonfly Winter reflects on global warming, Hey Marty follows a supermarket surveillance robot, The Trolley Problem weighs ethics and choice, White Yang, the Chinese word for apocalypse, examines the end, and The Moon Beneath Her Feet views space mining and migration. (‘What the Watchfiends cannot find’ Blake.)

...excerpt...Club Paradise: vacation culture, consciousness and capitalism 2019 considers the deeper meaning of contemporary time off. The vacation migration is compared to early nomadic tribes led by their shaman on the tracks of game. Only now, the game pursued is a state of mind advanced by corporate interests, to produce a workers’ consciousness tolerant of capitalist slavery. Multi-media, seven films.

...excerpt...Drone Drama: Music for the Dead 2016-2017 is a film anthology with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt's compositions, filmed on San Francisco, California’s peninsula, concerning the area’s relationship with technology corporations.

(11 film chapters)   youtube channel

PreDawn from Danger Archive 2011.

Night Trip from Night, Sleep &Dream 2008.



Chapman's films have been shown at Living With Buildings III (UK), Habitat-Nonstop (Amsterdam), Festival Les Instants Vidéo (Milan), Timespecific (New York), Cotuit Center for the Arts (Massachusetts), The Line (London Art Fair), (New York), Immemory online exhibit, Mitte Media Festival (Berlin), Hamburg Primal Uproar, DotsWaves TV (London), Studio44 Film Festival (Stockholm), Magmart Film Festival (Italy), VideoSound Archive, Atticus Review, Utsanga, Word for Word, Moving Poems, Die Leere Mitte, Houston Literary Review, and many sites online. 

Chapman works with sound artists from all over the world that she meets far:  Jeff Harrison, Jared Balogh, Grat Bodkin, Matthias Boss, Jeff Crouch, Barbara de Dominicis, B Lone Engines, Andrea Ics Ferrari, Rafael Gonzalez, Susan Hafenscher, Michael Haffka, Yonat Haffka, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Andrey Kireyev, Deirdre Lynds, Diana Magallon, Marcello Magliocchi, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, TransAtlantic Rage, Blaine Reininger, Ars Sonar and B Lone Engines, Halo Svevo.

2021 film conversation with Randee Silv, editor of Arteidolia


Four films, Habitat - Nonstop, curated by Karin Balog, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Nuclear Forest, Living with Buildings III film festival, Coventry, England

Wolf Queen

Last Time Tomorrow


Film interview with Randee Silv, Arteidolia editor,

White Yang, Atticus Review,

Love Fugitif, The 34th Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Milan, Italy  [.BOX] Videoart project space and Buenos Aires, Argentina Festival VideoBardo (25th anniversary) 

Nuclear Forest, VideoSound Archive, Season2,

Nuclear Forest and DreamTown USA, Calamari Press,

In My Dream of You and PreDawn, Word for Word,

Cotuit Center for the Arts, Selected Film 2009-2019

Love Electronique, Utsanga,

Aurelie's TV Film Festival, Vital Spaces, Santa Fe NM

Timespecific collaborative film 'Choreography In Time And Space' at The Line

Contemporary Art Space, London International Art Fair 

Distant Place, Sein Und Werden,

Love Fugitif, Die Leere Mitte

Radius Shutdown, Immemory,

Timespecific, Choreography in Time And Space and Visual Memories

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead Chapter 11, Timespecific

Tomorrow Is Forever, Arteidolia,

Whisper Aquamarine and Tomorrow is Forever, Timespecific,–a-living-video-archive-

Radius Shutdown, – video marathon 12/31/2020 and 01/01/2021

Rattlings, Compostxt


Video segment for Timespecific collaboration with Central Booking New York. Choreography in Time And Space and Visual Memories

Dear Robot, Art Gallery Studio 44, Slipvillan, Stockholm, Sweden

In My Dream of You 2020, 

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead, August Acud Macht Neu Berlin 


I Have Collected All the Writings of the Empire and Burnt Those Which Were of No Use, Stations of the Cross, Chapter 2, 2018

Dear Friend 2020, a mail art performance,

3 videos from Club Paradise 2019, Last Exit, Club Paradise, Cabo Peligro


with Jeff Crouch...humanity faces certain challenges…

Hey Marty,

Dragonfly Winter,

White Yang, and

Radius Shutdown:

The Moon Beneath Her Feet,

Renounce the Trolley Problem,


Dear Robot, An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Stockholm,

Selected video listed at Magmart

Heaven of Zero, Utsanga,

Tears in the Night, Club Paradise, Tip of the Knife,

Race the Sun, Club Paradise, Compostxt,

Moon On Fire Meditation, Club Paradise, RedFez,

Moving Poems, 5 films,

Last Exit, Club Paradise,


Done Drama: Music for the Dead, Chapter 10, 2016 with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Loophole Berlin, Germany 

Dear Robot 2018 with Jeff Crouch, Diana Magallon, and

Videobook with Rafael Gonzalez 2018,

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead, Chapter 10, Primal Uproar III, Hamburg, Germany 

Send Love: time flows backwards here 2018:

Asemic VideoBook 2017 with Rafael Gonzalez,

Existential Vacuum 2017, Chapter 1 from I Have Collected All the Writings of the Empire and Burnt Those Which Were of No Use:

Knuckleshop 2008, Berlin Mitte Media Festival 


Welcome, Club Paradise,

Drone Drama Chapter 9 2016 

Orchid Farm 2008 

Confidential 0P 2017

Drone Drama, The Perfect Clue and Message4u @Magmart Video Festival 10

Drone Drama 2016, Traumathek, Cologne, Germany

Knuckleshop 2008

Chapter 8 Drone Drama: Music for the Dead 2016

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead 2016 channel:


Drone Drama: Music for the Dead 2016-2017

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead Chapter 1

Chapter 10 Drone Drama: Music for the Dead 2016

Chapter 3 Drone Drama: Music for the Dead

The Perfect Clue 2016

Chapter 6 Drone Drama: Music for the Dead 2016


Message4u video 2015 in Episode 1.2: or

Fear Don’t Knock 2014 in Episode1.1: or 

Devils Teeth 2014

HELPact 2013

Beachcomber 2013

Ranger Danger 2013 

Mr. Mystik 2013

Crossover 2013

in episode 1.3 or

Auto De Fe 2013 

Recuerdo 2013

Side Trip 2011  

SOS 2012

Loco 2011  

NightFlight 2011

Jeff’s Trip 2011

Uncertainty 2011 

Celestial Mechanics 2011 

Silent Witness 2012


Highway 1

Eclipse Landing

Badlands Trailer

Sunset Noir

Orpheus Gun 


El Dorado



Igneous &Prometheus

Lucifer’s Wings 

The Moon2 (is the mirror of your dreams)

Arachne’s Bed

Sea Fever 

Passage &Drift


Thin Ice




Chasing Rainbows

The Moon (is the mirror of your dreams)





Changing Room(only)

Serial Asemik



Danger Rocks

Let Me Sleep in Your Crystal Kitchen

Dark Waters

The Sea Has No Memory

Cult House

Confusion Arising


Eat The Night  

Luna Tree  

Psycho Pomp 

Little Box 

Meet The Bluffs 

Whispers Of A Dying Sun  

7Powers Of Wrath

Service Charge Included  


Tropic of Danger


Violent Rendezvous

Violent Cartoon

Playground Blue




The Onsker of Xanfroxzit

TRAILER  2008 


Distant Place

Yellow Notepad Caper

Luna Negra

Playing Jeff

Rogue Con 

Knuckleshop Berlin Mitte Media Festival 4/20/2018 and 


Here Is Where?

Time Is The Fabric Holding Space Together

Mystery Shopper

Faster than A Black Hole




Entre Ciel et Terre


Sideshow Kids

ShadowMaster trailer

We Are Always Saying Goodbye

Spanish Prisoner

Dr. Mysterium





Once Upon A Sign

The Wicked Witch Gets Her Wish



Circus Chaos




Night Trip

Dream Dance

Sleep Lab


Hoodoo Jinx Spell

Fat Chance



I Want To Fly


Mr. Lucky (two versions)




Day2 Waiting4U 

First Night (of the fool moon) 

On The Run