Habitat-nonstop Day and Night photos and program Amsterdam 08/28....

The territory of day and night is a complex one

The rhythm of the city with its 24 hours economy, with all the lights, versus the one of the countryside, with the lack of it, can affect our cognitive system in different ways. The sky as a natural light source versus the artificial one that rules the night, determine our lives. Can the artificial light provoke artificial behavior ?Are translucent dreams possible, in an awake state of mind, while travelling around the globe? Surrealists around 1930 and onwards, had sleeping experiments with the doors open at night, in an attempt to interfere with the logic of different time zones, to trigger something new. Then there is the geographical zone, to which we relate. The territory of our always changing sky, no plane or person should own. What we should always own, are our dreams.

photographs, courtesy Karin Balog, event organizer.