Nuclear Forest in Living with Buildings III film festival August 3 screening Coventry

Glad to be in this festival....

Living With Buildings is a festival of films that explore themes of people, poetry and place to understand how we live within the built environment of cities and urban spaces.

Past work has focussed on how we move through streets, the decline of social housing and the rise gentrification, roads to nowhere, and the spaces in between.

Rooted in the UK city of Coventry, famed for its iconic ringroad and modernist architecture and reinvention as a city rising from the ashes and ruins of arial bombing in World War Two.

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LWB is brought to you by the Disappear Here poetry film project. Find out more about the Disappear Here project - http://www.disappear-here.org


...unspeakable &unbound: absurdist unsemantic book trilogy...mail collaboration w/ Jeff Crouch...

Unspeakable &Unbound: absurdist unsemantic book trilogy. Unspeakable, Unrest, Sick Smoke. No synopsis, no plot or storyline, no feudal tech lords attacking terrorist disinformation greenies or AI holding beluga whales captive to ransom for sentience chips...you, dear reader and art patron, supply your own narrative. Original drawings to frame, 20 pages each group. 15x21 cm. collage, watercolour, drawing, in folio...soon in coil bound book form, print on demand . 



Sick Smoke


…Wolf Queen at Arteidolia...

...in the film...http://www.arteidolia.com/cecelia-chapman-planet-of-dreams/  7th century Queen Lupa outmanoeuvres Rome, church, early empire powers, Visigoths and annoying pilgrims dragging the body of their Apostle all over her territory. She and her countrywomen freak out the patriarchal, order-loving Romans, and early Catholic Church. They are called 'witches' for their healing and animal skills, herbal, astronomy and extensive knowledge. Variations in her legend compelled me to make an examination of her character in film.
Tamara Pereira and Sayuri. Jeff Crouch music.