Two new books...


https://ccchapman.blogspot.com/p/text.html  36 recent Water Colors 2022.  22 Art Crime Bulletin Covers, mail collaboration with Jeff Crouch 2011-2013, this is the first printing. 


Last Time Tomorrow film at Otoliths....

Last Time Tomorrow is filmed on the Portugal coast railway. Deforestation is happening so fast,  consider your dream house materials....the consequences of your dream. Planet of Dreams 2022.



...Wolf Queen film coming soon...


Wolf Queen examines the many stories of the last of Galicia’s pagan queens.... with three possible outcomes… 

Confronted by encroaching powers, 7th century Queen Lupa or Wolf outwits Rome, church, early empire, Visigoths and annoying pilgrims dragging the body of their Apostle all over her territory. She is a major character in the area’s mythology. Lupa and her countrywomen are infamous for having magical powers, for being skilled in pagan arts of healing, herbs, navigation by stars and esoteric arts. The ‘witches’ truly freaked out the patriarchal, order-loving Romans, and early Catholic Church. Why is the Wolf Queen called the Wolf Queen? Why has her legend endured? A 12th century French monk first mentions Lupa in Codex Calixtinus, a pilgrim’s guidebook. Is her reluctance to aid the first pilgrims and conversion to Christianity more church propaganda like other parts of the Codex? Intriguing variations in her story compelled me to make an examination of her character in film. For more go to Planet of Dreams.


...when the moon rises, the planet of dreams wakes up...

…working on last two films in Planet of Dreams series, right now, Wolf Queen. An alternate history of a 7th century 'pagan' Galician Queen who confounded early christian dreams. The Wolf Queen legend is revealing of power in her time, and a warning in ours.


Sunday surf film festival with 6 Danger Archive films at Mail Art Dossier 29/5


Jeff Crouch music, and Dr. Steve dawn patrol nomad cell video. Dr. Steve is a big wave surfer from San Francisco. Jeff Crouch is an internet artist still alive in Texas.